Pocket knife Model: Bone

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The classic pocket knife-Timeless elegance and reliability in one

The classic pocket knife with pike blade is a true classic that combines tradition and functionality. With its high quality materials and timeless design, it is an indispensable companion for all knife lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The blade of the pocket knife is made of robust and stainless 440 steel, which is known for its excellent cutting performance and durability. With a blade length of 65mm, it is ideal for a wide range of tasks in everyday life and for outdoor activities. The pike blade is a versatile shape, suitable for both precise cuts and more coarse work.

The jaws of the pocket knife are made of sturdy steel, which gives the knife extra stability and increases its longevity. The combination of the smooth blade and the elegant cheeks gives the knife a classic and timeless look.

The handle of the pocket knife is made of high quality bone, which not only offers a natural and authentic aesthetic, but also a pleasant feel. Each handle has its own unique grain, which gives the knife an individual character. Due to the use of bones as a handle material, a special value and exclusivity is achieved.

The pocket knife has a nail groove as an opening aid, which makes it possible to open the blade comfortably with the nail. The proven backlock lock ensures a secure fixation of the blade during use to prevent unintentional folding.

Weighing just 70g, the pocket knife is lightweight and compact enough to be comfortably carried in your pocket without losing functionality. It is the ideal companion for camping trips, hikes, fishing trips or daily use.

The classic pocket knife with pike blade-a timeless classic that impresses with its elegant design, high-quality materials and reliable performance. Bet on quality and style with this first-class knife that will delight both collectors and outdoor enthusiasts alike.