Tactical belt knife with black stainless steel blade and safe polymer sheath

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Expand your outdoor gear with our Tactical Belt Knife, the reliable tool for anyone who values functionality, safety and speed. Whether for the camping weekend, as a loyal companion while hiking or as a useful utensil in survival kits-this knife is prepared for any challenge.

Features at a glance:

  • Black stainless steel blade: Made of high-quality, stainless steel, the 110mm long blade of this belt knife offers excellent sharpness and impressive cut durability. The black coating not only gives a tactical look, but also protects against reflections and wear and tear.

  • Ergonomic polymer handle: The handle is specially designed for stability and control, with a rubber coating for extra slip resistance. This allows safe handling even in damp conditions or gloves.

  • Protection and portability: The supplied hardcase polymer sheath ensures safe transport and quick access. Thanks to the cleverly integrated belt clip, the knife can be easily attached to your equipment.

  • Perfect Dimensions: With a total length of 235mm (240mm with sheath), this belt knife is large enough for effective work inserts, but still compact and light enough not to become a burden. With a weight of only 110g (145g with scabbard), it is ideal for longer tours and daily use.

Technical Details:

  • Blade material: Stainless steel with black coating
  • Handle: Polymer with rubber coating for improved ergonomics
  • Sheath: Durable hardcase polymer with functional belt clip
  • Blade length: 110mm
  • Total length: 235mm, 240mm with sheath
  • Weight: 110g, with sheath 145g

Whether you're a professional or an avid amateur, this Tactical Belt Knife is essential for you. With its elegant design, unconditional commitment to quality and thoughtful construction, it is not just a tool, but a statement-ready to accompany you on all adventures.