Katana in white with dragon pattern

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Immerse yourself in the world of the fascinating samurai era with this ornate ornamental katana. The sword impresses with its impressive overall length of 1000mm and a blade length of 650mm. The masterfully designed dragon decorations on the white wooden sheathing give it a majestic aura.

** Main Features: **

-Impressive design: This ornamental katana is an eye-catcher for collectors and art lovers alike. The magnificent wooden sheathing is decorated with elaborate dragon embellishments that evoke the mystique of ancient Japan.

-Solid construction: The combination of high-quality wood and a robust metal tsuba (guardian) not only gives this sword visual beauty, but also a stable construction.

-- Authentic feeling: Although this katana primarily has a decorative function, it still conveys a touch of authenticity and recalls the times of the samurai and their fascinating culture.

** Technical Details:**

-Total length: 1000mm
-Blade length: 650mm
-Wood sheathing: white with dragon ornaments
-Tsuba: metal

** Perfect decoration and collectible: **

This ornamental katana is ideal to enrich your home, office or collection with a touch of history and aesthetics. The masterful design and magnificent embellishments make it a topic of conversation.

** Get a touch of samurai elegance: **

With this ornamental katana, you bring not only a decorative element, but also a piece of history into your life. The combination of masterful craftsmanship and impressive design makes this sword a unique work of art.

Give your room an aura of elegance and the mystical heritage of the samurai. Order this ornamented katana now and be enchanted by its beauty!