Collection: Practical Hand-forged swords from Longquan

Practical Longquan swords are robust, fully functional swords designed for use in historical martial arts such as HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) or Asian martial arts such as Kendo and Iaido. They feature a traditional, long steel blade known for precision and sharpness.

The Longquan swords are made by skilled blacksmiths in the Chinese province of Longquan, who are known for their high-quality blades. The swords are carefully crafted and tested to ensure they stand up to the demands of martial artists.

Practical Longquan swords are great for use in training and competition situations as they offer excellent balance and control. They are also a great choice for collectors and enthusiasts looking to own a quality, authentic sword.

Overall, Practical Longquan swords offer an excellent combination of quality, functionality and beauty, making them an excellent choice for anyone interested in traditional Asian and European swordsmanship.