Ihr Fan-Shop für Anime Katana, Schwert und Accessoires

Wir sind eine neue Marke, welche sich auf Produkte mit Japanischen Designs spezialisiert. Zudem beschäftigen wir uns auch mit der Science Fiction Sektion aus Hollywood. Außerdem versuchen wir all unsere Designs so außergewöhnlich wie möglich zu gestalten. In unserem Sortiment befinden sich zurzeit auch noch Anime Replikate, beispielsweise das Schwert von Tanjiro, Inosuke und Zenitsu aus Demon Slayer und das Katana von Zoro aus One Piece.


For sword lovers

swords and katanas

swords and katanas

Various katanas from anime and films. The katana is a traditional weapon... 

Your fan shop for anime katanas, swords and accessories

Your fan shop for anime katana, sword and accessories

We are a new brand specializing in Japanese designed products. We also deal with the science fiction section from Hollywood. We also pay a lot of attention to sustainability, which is why we pack our products in an environmentally friendly way, and the products are mostly made of 100% cotton. We also try to make all of our designs as unique as possible. Our range currently also includes anime replicas, such as the swords of Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu from Demon Slayer and Zoro's katana from One Piece. In the future we will have even more choices.

sword katana and more

All our katanas and swords which are available for sale are not sharp and cannot injure anyone, these products are only produced for decorative purposes but are still of very high quality and also very beautiful to look at. In addition, we are constantly expanding our range and are open to suggestions or special orders.

Anime and Hollywood 

Most of the products we offer are either from anime and movies or are at least anime or movie inspired. We don't just have katanas or swords, we also offer props such as Thor's hammer or Wolverine's claws. 

Anime and apparel

In addition, we also have anime clothing, which is mainly based on the Japanese style and should also embody it.


We pay close attention to sustainability by packaging sustainably and the garments themselves are mostly made of cotton. Our packaging is completely plastic-free and every single product is packed in a glassine bag, which is also very sustainable. Excluded are the katanas, as they require stronger packaging for safe shipping. In addition, the printing ink that we use for the clothes is free of harmful substances and is Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

About us as anime and movie fans

We are a startup company and combine sustainability and Japanese designs. We also have different types of merch in our range such as katana as they are part of Japanese culture and as katanas are part of almost all anime. Over time we try to expand our range and if you have a request please let us know.

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